Action, drama, comedy and pure skulduggery are all packed in Sun City .An educative place full of beauty enlightenment and excitement galore.

Imagine a cosmopolitan University Campus set in the centre of Ghana. with diverse characters who can be found at such a place and the relationships…

Sun City is a place of enlightenment, humour, with and shenanigans galore.

Imagine a typical University with a multi-ethnic or even global student population.

Imagine the diverse characters that can be found on such a Campus- The self-conceited matured student, the know-all gossip, the political activist, the hard-learning semi-recluse, the skirt-chasing playboys, the pouting prima donnas and the Jesus-preaching scripture unionist; Even the comical ‘Exte’ (Out-of-Campus), Sugar Daddy, is portrayed.

Imagine all the Lecturers found on this Campus (their personality, traits etc), the Supporting Staff (Administrators, Hangers- on .).

Imagine a University Campus with a classic architecture, and all the elements that go with that terrain- Halls of Residence, Faculties of Learning, Sports Facilities, Commercial Areas, Shopping Malls (plus Hawkers etc), Hospitality centres etc.

Imagine the Drama, Satire and Comedy that can be enacted and the countless scenarios that can be portrayed.

Sun City is all this, and more.

Lights, Camera, Action: Watch Our Sun City Videos Now

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