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Whether you are planning a visit to Ghana or simply want to learn more about this amazing country, our website is your one-stop destination for all things Ghana.

We hope to inspire and educate visitors about the beauty and diversity of Ghana, and to promote sustainable tourism that benefits local communities and preserves Ghana’s natural and cultural heritage.

Discover the warmth and hospitality of Ghanaian people, the diverse and stunning destinations across the country, and the vibrant culture that makes Ghana a unique and wonderful place to live in and visit. 

Explore our website to learn more about the history, traditions, music, and art of Ghana, as well as the delicious cuisine and the colourful festivals that take place throughout the year.

Kente TV by AI Media

AI Media is a media organisation committed to works of excellence and ingenuity. The progenitors have been involved in some of the best media work ever done in Ghana over the past 20 years and more.

The directors have been involved in world class TV and film productions like Taxi Driver, No.5 Kotokuraba Street, Sun City, Trek, Investment Digest, Abibia, Nyansa, Building Bridges, Sunshine Avenue, Solutions, House of Umoja, Omanbapa and Gold Coast.

AI Media, Development Communication Specialists, are experts in the creation and development of all genres of TV and film production.

Other services offered are

web development

audio production

airtime purchasing

acquisition and distribution of content

hiring of crew, cast, TV and film equipment

Why African Content?

One in five of the world’s consumers will live in Africa by the end of the next decade, and more and more of these people will fall under the category of affluent or middle class.

Africa is currently the fastest growing mobile telecom market in the world. Since 2000, an annual increase of approximately 30% in mobile phone connections has led Africa to become the world’s second largest mobile market behind Asia. almost half of all Africans Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) provide new avenues for consumer spending and marketing.

Africa’s consumer e-commerce market was valued at 5.7B USD in 2017 and this revenue will increase with an increase in the number of users across Africa.