A handsome and trendy high school Civics teacher and newly sworn in Council man committed to environmentalism and human rights. THE IDEAL CITIZEN, playing against a corrupt and unscrupulous business man in the same community. ...


Imagine a handsome and trendy District Assembly Council man, who also doubles as a part time High school Civics Teacher.
Imagine a crusader who is committed to engendering patriotism, rule of law, human rights and excellence.
Imagine a family man and strong advocate for environmentalism.
Can we find all of these in one man?
Now, imagine a corrupt and bombastic businessman, with deep political connections-a ruthless, even comical operator, protected and surrounded by a phalanx of body guards, crooks and sycophants.
Imagine these two opposing forces coming together. Imagine all the potential battles- of wit, ethics and good behaviour, of responsibility and morality, against cunning, patronage, subterfuge and continuous criminal behaviour.
Omanbapa is all of these and more…

Two very accomplished Ghanaian actors, Adjetey Annan (Pusher) and Michael Osei Berko (Mr Richard) face off in this drama series, as they tango over the hearts, minds and souls of the people. The star studded cast also include Priscilla Opoku Agyeman (AhoufE Patri), Fiifi Coleman and the evergreen Oscar Provencal. There are some very interesting debutantes on show as well.

Character Profiles

Kwame Brimpong  aka Omanbapa (38 years old)-played by Adjetey Annan
Kwame is a Public Servant, part-time Teacher, and supreme patriot. His quest to be a good citizen, earns him admirers and detractors in equal measure. He believes that with the right education and skills, diligence, and a good heart, the world can be a better place for all. He is on a crusade to help fix things; Attitudes, Good Citizenship, Knowledge of the Constitution of Ghana and Environmentalism are his passion. An Idealist in a turbulent and unforgiving world, Kwame faces many enemies and traps-especially his archenemy, Cassius Mark Tyson.  What is the chink in his armour? Will his anchor hold in the storms of life? His education and life revolves around the 3 H’s- the head, the heart and the hands. He is happily married to Isabella and they have two children, Madiba and Yaa.
Life Philosophy: Be Responsible, own it

Cassius Mark Tyson, aka Godfather (48 years old) – played by Mikki Osei Berko
Cassius behaves like a later-day Don Corleone, and calls his lieutenants, family. He is a bombastic businessman, with his hand in a lot of hot pies. Rent, patronage and skulduggery are his stock in trade. His connections stretch far and wide. Cassius lives in the same community as the Brimpong’s. He has noticed Kwame’s star, shine brightly. Perhaps too brightly. A ruthless operator and corrupt to the core, Cassius believes money rules and solves all. His weakness however is his addiction to adulation, and expects carte blanche respect from everyone he meets. Mark Tyson walks around with clenched fists, like a boxer, and has a designer pet cat he carries around, called SPRINKLES.
Philosophy: Survival of the fittest

Isabella Klortso Brimpong (40 years old) – played by Bibi Bright
Isabella, is Kwame Brimpong’s adoring wife. She is classy and fashionable. The financial muscle of the house, she values Kwame’s idealism and shares his dreams, yet tends to be more pragmatic. Tough and streetwise, yet homely, Isabella provides the perfect foil for Kwame. She has goals of her own though, whose pursuit may one day put a strain on her marriage. Isabella is a creative, who runs a successful indigenous arts shop. She will stand by her husband, protect him, and advance his course at all cost.
Philosophy: ‘We are all equal, but unique

Korkailey Okine alias Ahuofe (32 years) – played by Priscilla Opoku-Agyemang (Ahuofe Patri)
Korkailey, Isabella’s half-sister, is sexy and fashionable – Kim Kardashian wannabe fully plugged into the social scene, including the use of media. She is fiercely loyal to her sister and family, yet seems to bring trouble wherever she goes. Ahuofe has expensive tastes yet no recognisable job. The sisters get along really well but Isabella is uncomfortable with Korkailey’s frequent and unannounced extended stays in her home. Materialistic and an avoid hedonist, what will be her influence on the Brimpong household?
Philosophy: ‘Nothing going on without the rent’

Yaa Pokua Brimpong, alias Yaa Asantewaa (10yrs old) – played by Janelle Therson
Yaa, the Brimpongs daughter and second born, is a brainy, headstrong, and highly opinionated young lady, due mainly to her voracious reading habit, which is encouraged by her father. She has joined her Dad in his green advocacy and shows a remarkable knowledge about civics and environmental matters. Her Dad’s darling, she intends to be a politician in future. She has no filters in her language/thought, sometimes to the embarrassment of her parents. We see Auntie Korkailey’s dress style and feline nature in her though.
Philosophy: ‘Save the world’

Madiba Brimpong aka Mandela (16yrs old) – played by Richmond Essel
The first born of the Brimpongs, Madiba (named after Nelson Mandela), is a bright lad with a light-hearted disposition. A free-spirited creative, he is wont to challenge the status quo- through graffiti art and spoken word.
Catch phrase: ‘ Slave Mill Still’

Tom and Jerry (24 and 25) – The Praise Singers – played by Kofi Hayford and Jay Garbrah
Area boys, the duo will do almost anything for a quick buck. The duo feed Mark’s over-bloated ego with new adulation at every meeting – they are part of his large entourage.
Philosophy: ‘Highest bidder’

Production Year: 2019
Genre: Satirical Drama