Bôndai Restaurant & Bar

This restaurant is a member of a family-owned and independently owned chain of eateries with a focus on healthy Mediterranean and Asian cuisine, including a sushi menu.

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Because it was created to bring the outside inside, they have a totally different atmosphere than other restaurants. It has a nod to nature while being unassuming, effortless, and graceful.

You are surrounded by marble and mirrors while you relax in comfort and take in the artwork of vibrant, youthful Ghanaian artists. You feel as though you are at home away from home because of the lush surroundings.

They offer individual dining tables accommodating large groups (up to 18 on a long table) with a capacity of 80 seated and 20 standing guests at the bar.

With a capacity for 40 seated diners and colorful tiled flooring outside, they have a number of comfortable couches that provide you a different ambiance. The service is fantastic and responsive.

The general assertion is that, their sushi menu is delightful and the best in Ghana.

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