Benedict Missah

Benedict Missah

Mpotompoto (Yam Pottage)

Mpotompoto is a delicious Ghanaian dish made from mashed plantains or coco yam and vegetables. It’s a hearty and nutritious meal. Here’s a basic recipe for preparing Mpotompoto: Ingredients: For the plantain or cocoyam mixture:

Accra food festival

This food festival is one of the best that takes place in Accra. The Accra food festival witnesses traditional and non-traditional dishes from in and around Ghana. Those are laid out in food stalls for a pocket-friendly amount. That helps…

Okro Soup

Okro soup, also known as okra soup, is a popular dish in many West African countries, including Nigeria and Ghana. It’s a delicious and nutritious soup made with okra (ladyfingers), various vegetables, and often some kind of protein like meat…

Tema Fishing Harbour

Tema, a city in Ghana’s Greater Accra Region, is home to Tema Fishing Harbour, a specialist port facility. The Tema Fishing Harbour, in contrast to the larger and more general-purpose Tema Harbour, was created expressly to accommodate the fishing industry,…

Bofrot (togbei)

“Bofrot,” also known as “togbei” or “puff puff” in various African countries, is a popular fried dough snack. It’s simple to make and enjoyed by many. Here’s a basic recipe to get you started: Ingredients:

Lakeside Marina Park

 lakeside marina park is a leisure facility situated  in Accra. It is a focal point for many water-related activities and provides facilities for both locals and visitors to enjoy. “Lakeside Marina Park is a charming recreation area tucked away on…