Afrofuture 2023: Performance by Jhus is Cancelled

Unexpectedly, the organizers of AfroFuture have announced that the highly anticipated performance by British rapper Jhus at the upcoming 2023 event in Accra has been cancelled.

The event team released a statement explaining the decision and attributing it to “unforeseen circumstances outside of our control.

“Unfortunately, Jhus will no longer be performing, but the organizers of AfroFuture are unwavering in their resolve to give supporters and fans attending the festival in Accra this December an amazing experience.

The festival’s organizers ask attendees to keep an eye out for the announcement of an interesting replacement in the list of headliners, in order to preserve the festival’s dynamic celebration of music and culture.

The AfroFuture team thanks everyone for their continuing support and is excited to host an unforgettable event at the El Wak Sport stadium in Accra on December 28 and 29, 2023.

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