Abiba is a local groceries seller in a typical middle class neighbourhood in Africa. She sells everything in her shop; from groceries to cosmetics, from scratch cards to detergents. Abiba’s shop is a melting pot for everyone in the community; the long suffering homemaker, the retired civil servant, the controversial pastor and the flirtatious hairdresser.

Perched at a strategic junction, the shop is given verve by the seductive assistant, Sadia, and the crooked muppets, Danger and Skido. Around the corner is an international students hostel, The Umoja, a place of beautiful women and lots of scandal.

Enacted in English, Abiba is a situational comedy full of wit, humour, adventure and drama. Abiba’s allure is the fact that it closely captures the ethos of the real life African situation.

Character Profiles

ABIBA: She is a beautiful African woman. A shrewd business woman, Abiba also has a pleasant disposition. Single and childless, she is sensitive to societal responsibilities.

PASTOR JOSEPH: Once a deceiving and conniving scam artiste, who feeds on the trust of God fearing people, he is now reformed after an aggressive encounter with the holy spirit. His past continues haunting him.

AUNTIE GRACE : Frustrated by her husband’s insistence that she stays at home to be the
homemaker while he plays the casanova, Grace has become a rebel. She has grown extraordinarily attached to Pastor Joseph in whom she invests her time and savings. With nothing to do, Auntie Grace is a regular companion of Abiba.

MAMA SHE: She runs a beauty salon close to Abiba’s shop. The salon is a hotbed for gossip and many shenanigans which she carries into Abiba’s shop.

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