Tuo Zaafi

Popular Ghanaian cuisine Tuo Zaafi comes from the country’s northern region. In order to make a thick and flexible dough, heated water is combined with a mixture of maize flour and ground millet. After that, the dough is shaped into little balls and cooked in water until it is soft and delicate.

A fiery soup comprised of meat, vegetables, and spices like tomato, onion, chili pepper, and ginger is frequently served alongside tuo zaafi. The soup is sometimes decorated with herbs like parsley or coriander and is typically made with meat, such as beef, chicken, or goat.

Many people in Ghana, especially in the northern regions, appreciate the substantial and nourishing supper known as tuo zaafi. It is also renowned for having a particular smoky flavor that results from cooking. With the help of the fingers, people frequently consume tuo zaafi by pulling off a little piece of the dough and dipping it into the soup.

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