Thomas Fynn takes Ghanaian culture to California

Renowned and accomplished Ghanaian photographer Thomas Fynn is in California, USA, showcasing African and Ghanaian culture to the world.

The themes of his photographic exhibition, Spirit Possession: Celebration of Ghanaian faces, African Culture and Heritage, range from ecotourism to ethno-cultural displays to old historic landmarks.

Mr. Fynn hopes to raise awareness of Ghana as a top travel destination globally, encourage cultural appreciation, and accelerate Ghana’s economic development through the exhibition.

The event is a partnership between master African-American textile artist and cultural bearer Allyson Allen and Mr. Thomas Appleton Lamb, an American landscape and ethnographic photographer.

The show juxtaposes Allen’s modern hand-created textiles with traditional Ghanaian materials.

Spirit Possession began on Saturday, June 1 and will run until June 29, 2024, at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art (OCCCA) in Santa Ana, California.

About 650 people attended the June 1 opening reception.

The Juneteenth Celebration includes a month-long art stroll and photography display.

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