The Mognori Eco Village

A community-based tourist initiative called the Mognori Eco Village is situated close to the Mole National Park in Ghana’s Northern Region. The initiative was started with the intention of advancing ecotourism and presenting locals with business options.

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The town is located in a stunning natural setting with abundant wildlife, greenery, and a nearby river that guests can explore. Visitors to the area can participate in a variety of activities, such as guided nature hikes, bird watching, traditional drumming and dancing performances, and excursions to nearby farms and specialty shops.

Traditional thatched-roofed mud huts make up the lodging at the Mognori Eco Village, which is intended to give guests a relaxing and authentic experience. The huts have a traditional appearance but are furnished with contemporary conveniences like clean water and solar-powered lighting.

The local community owns and runs the initiative, and they directly profit from the money made by tourism. The neighborhood has also received training in sustainable tourist methods, such as resource conservation and trash control.

Visitors can interact with the local population and discover more about their way of life at the Mognori Eco Village, which offers a distinctive and genuine tourism experience. It serves as an illustration of how tourism can benefit local communities and encourage sustainable development.

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