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The International Stingless Bee Centre

The International Stingless Bee Centre is indeed located in Abrafo, which is a small community situated in the Cape Coast area. Visitors to the Centre can learn about the conservation and sustainable use of stingless bees through educational tours and programs, as well as participate in beekeeping workshops and training sessions.

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A variety of stingless bee species are kept in hives at the centre and used for research, instruction, and outreach. Visitors to the site can take guided tours that include stops at the beekeeping area and the educational centre, where they can discover the value of stingless bees and their place in the environment.

Studies on stingless bee behaviour, biology, and ecology are also carried out by the International Stingless Bee Centre. The centre collaborates with neighbourhood groups to advance ethical beekeeping methods and create other revenue streams through the sale of honey and other bee-related goods.

The centre not only conducts research but also teaches students and provides workshops and training sessions for farmers, beekeepers, and other interested parties. These seminars address a variety of subjects, such as sustainable agriculture, hive management, and beekeeping methods.

The International Stingless Bee Centre, is a special and significant institution that supports the preservation and sustainable usage of stingless bees. Visitors have the chance to join in research projects and educational initiatives aimed at advancing sustainable beekeeping methods, as well as learn about these fascinating creatures and their crucial role in the environment.

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