Tagbo Falls

A stunning natural wonder called Tagbo Falls can be found near the town of Tagbo-Atiase in the Volta Region. The Afome River, which cascades down a number of boulders and plunges 60 meters into a pool below, creates the falls. The lush, green environment surrounding the falls is filled with tropical trees and plants, creating a breathtaking backdrop.

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Visitors can take a quick stroll through the forest to reach the falls, where they can take in the beautiful splendor and hear the sounds of nature. Visitors can swim in the calm waters of the falls or unwind on the nearby rocks while admiring the stunning scenery.

There is a myth surrounding the falls that claims the water has therapeutic qualities and can treat a number of diseases. Before entering the pool, it is traditional to make offerings and pray to the gods because the locals consider the falls to be sacred.

Tagbo Falls is a lovely and tranquil location that gives visitors a chance to commune with nature and take in Ghana’s natural beauty.

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