A business consultancy, called SOLUTIONS. Two childhood friends (now husband, and wife), combine forces...


Imagine a TV program woven around the dealings of a business consultancy.
The consultancy, dubbed SOLUTIONS, is located close to a central market.We follow the continued growth of the young consultancy and its dealings with diverse business entities, especially those involved in agribusiness, for which it consults.

Character Profiles

Kofi Ganah, 26-30yrs
Kofi is a graduate from the University of Ghana Business School (Agricultural Economics major and MBA – Finance). Having been brought up by his hardworking Mum, a School Teacher, who also used to sell at the market, he has a passion for SME’s and a knack for multitasking–He used to spend his holidays selling at the market. Not only was he thrilled by the hustle and bustle, the haggling and negotiations, the highly competitive atmosphere, but also, he became acutely aware of the inhibitions and challenges of the informal sector. Yet, he heard enough stories to realize these women were the real bread winners in their homes. Another frame of reference is his father, a cocoa farmer. Cocoa was said to be the major foreign exchange earner in Ghana, yet without the pickings from the market, life would have been hard indeed. He was privy to the complaints of his father and the other farmers, who had worked hard all their lives, yet never received the right recompense. Thus, after completing his MBA, he decided to set up a business Advisory, targeting SME’s, to help them scale up, and hence bring everybody up. Kofi runs SOLUTIONS with his beautiful wife, Ama. He is very hardworking, streetwise and a loving husband.

Ama Basua Ganah, 25-28yrs
She is a multimedia and Graphic design graduate from the KNUST. A goal getter, she was drawn to Kofi by his diligence and vision. Born to a well-to–do family, her soft looks can be deceiving – she is very shrewd, and highly indigenized. Ama is in charge of Marketing, PR, and Customer Service at SOLUTIONS. Ama is pretty, and very fashionable, yet prone to the occasional emotional breakdown. What is her perturbation?

Akweley Patterson, 30-35yrs
Akweley is a big-boned woman of Ga extraction. With a smile always on her face, she has a distinctively helpful disposition. Her efficiency and professionalism, is clearly manifest at the front office of SOLUTIONS. She is the epitome of grace and good customer service. Akweley has a ten year old son, Akomapa. A single mother, she and Akomapa have a splendid relationship. By all standards, Akweley is marriage material. Why is she a single Mum?

Hajia Maimuna, Waakye Seller, 40-45yrs
Hajia sells Waakye close to the premises of SOLUTIONS. Ama Basua, co-owner of Solutions, is a regular at Hajia’s- the two have become good friends, and share business ideas. Hajia also dispenses drinks and other canned foods from her set-up, which is a hot bed for gossip, and other topical issues. Ama is determined to give Hajia’s operation a make over

Auntie Adobea, Kofi’s mother, early 60’s, retired school teacher
She is not afraid to speak her mind. Sage and very tactful, she loves her soon, but does not show any bias – objective to a fault. She is old school, yet fashionable and adept at modern ways- advocate for the combination of old conservative wisdom and modern knowledge. She takes her role as mother to Ama seriously. Thus, she can be used for counseling and advice- fountain of knowledge, wisdom and fortitude. Her main crusade in the first season is to bring Kofi and Ama to agree to start a family, even as they grow their nascent business. She has a habit of dropping in unannounced- a potential for conflict. Married to a cocoa farmer, Kofi’s father, a very headstrong authoritarian, who had a falling out with Kofi because he married a Ga woman, against his advice, and would not stay and run his cocoa farm as planned.

Akomapa, 10-12 years, Akweley’s son
Voracious reader, knowledgeable beyond his years, very polite and likeable young man. He is seriously into sports; athletics, football, table tennis, swimming. He also loves coding and has very good rapport with his mother- surrogate husband/boyfriend. He is admired by the Ganah’s for his wit and sharp brain, confidence and positive demeanor – spends all his afternoons at the solutions office. Has a thing for smoothies- can be seen preparing of trying various fruit combinations both at home and at the office when he visits. Akweley has trained him to do household chores with a smile- can be seen cleaning, dusting, washing dishes, etc. he is always on hand at the kitchen, when Akweley is cooking. Can be built into a positive reference/role model for all children.

Eno Mercy (Fruit Seller) early 30’s:
Sited opposite Hajia. A loud mouthed woman who has four children with three different men. Currently unmarried. She is an incurable gossip who has an opinion about everything-often warped. Vindictive and unforgiving, she has made Hajia her punching bag- telling everybody Hajia’s recent makeover and business success is due to juju. A fallacy as a matter of fact, she is a purveyor of the occult- often seen sprinkling unknown substances around her wares. She can be caricatured to show all that is negative, archaic and the high price of ignorance.

Production Year: 2017 -2019
Genre: Satirical Drama