Revitalize the movie industry, says Akofa Edjeani

Akofa Edjeani, a Ghanaian actress and producer, has urged Ghanaians to embrace a fresh perspective and a constructive attitude toward the Ghanaian movie industry in order to help the country thrive.

Akofa Edjeani made this statement in an interview on Joy Prime’s ‘Prime Morning’ as part of Ghana Month celebrations in March, emphasizing the importance of improving the movie industry as a way to honor the country and its heritage.

She pushed the industry’s important stakeholders to restore and strengthen the Ghanaian film industry, as well as to produce films that benefit Ghana and highlight its talent and potential.

“Talking about Ghana, we should establish a film industry. We should develop the film business. Why did we sell the film hub we owned? We sold it, and we now don’t have a home. “If we’re talking about Ghana, we should bring things that will help Ghana,” she said.

Akofa Edjeani further stated that simply wearing Ghana-made things was insufficient to highlight the country’s distinctiveness, and that Ghanaians should refocus their thinking and be proud of their culture and identities.

“If we’re celebrating Ghana, it’s not enough to just wear beads and Ghanaian clothing. We must refocus our minds. You can wear them while feeling insufficiently Ghanaian or African. So, we need to refocus our ideas, and we should recognize that we only have one Ghana, and we must build it up,” she stated.

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