A made for web and TV cartoon series mimicking life in the African home, in and outside the city, during the COVID era without school...


So, what would it be like, if students were to go back to the physical classroom? They would all have to wear masks throughout the school time. They would have to be socially distant and not only in the classrooms and laboratories but also in the compounds and boarding houses. They would all have to be initially tested before they start and periodically as well. They would have to wash their hands and use hand sanitizers liberally. There must be a support system of teachers and medical personnel, clothed in PPE’s to take temperatures and ensure they are well supervised to observe all protocols.

Imagine a cartoon rendition of four characters and their different perspectives of life. Age 8-18, bound by family and school ties, but from different socio-economic strata – one family living in a comfortable middleclass apartment in Accra whilst the other are farmers, living in the hinterland.

Now imagine an interaction between these two families as they traverse this COVID period and contemplate how it would be like to go to school. Through these families we will mimic the diverse circumstances that prevail in our society now and also find commonalities and areas of collaboration for mutual harmony.


Character Profiles

Eli (16)
Senior high school student, hero figure, role model, epitomizing the ideal Ghanaian boy of that age. He is intelligent, confident, compassionate, respectful, but also naïve. Speaks two local languages and impeccable English. He is a computer whizz and loves sports. Handsome, conservative look.

The oldest of 5 children, she shows a very responsible and mature disposition. Not only does she help her Mum take care of her younger siblings and the numerous house chores, she also helps her at her stall in the market. She is a voracious reader and an avid consumer of news on multiple channels. She wants to be a medical worker working for the UN one day. She is very good friends with Eli – they attend the same school and have kept in touch electronically throughout the outbreak. Their conversations and interactions provide a vantage point for discussing COVID-19, how it has impacted the youth as they stay at home, their outlook and possibilities for going back to school covid-wise and how students must adjust to the new world order.

Jane (12)
Wears braids, bright African accessories and clothes. Highly opinionated, an avid reader and a wannabe Environmentalist. Her relationship with her brother Eli, is an interesting one. They are always clashing ideas but there’s lots of love between them. She, a junior high school student, has a lot of insights about how to handle the COVID-19 pandemic.

Joseph (12-13)
Loves Agriculture and spends a lot of time with his Dad at his cocoa farm, where they have many interactions. He also supervises the garden at home, raising vegetables and keeping some poultry. Joseph provides a window into the lives of children in the rural areas and how they can optimize their potential using knowledge, hands-on skill and their peculiar environment. Joseph and Jane have connected through the machinations of Eli and Akua. Joseph and Jane find great interest in each other’s originality and share their experiences via pictures, videos, video calls and the like. They also share their perspectives on the pandemic.

Production Year: 2021
Genre: Animation Series