New Life

Enter the Adepas. Having weathered the vagaries of COVID-19 and even suffering a death, there is good news now. Yaa has given birth to a baby girl...


Alpha, Beta, Delta.

The novel corona virus still rages on and has mutated into variants now given Greek names. The delta variant has led to a third wave in many countries and is said to be more infectious and virulent.
Vaccinations have begun; yet until we reach that critical herd immunity, we must maintain vigilance and follow the time tested COVID protocols.

Enter the ADEPAS, a progressive and forward-looking family. How do they traverse this new world order?

Character Profiles

Yaw Adepa is an accomplished welder, and a family man who loves his wife and new-born baby dearly. He has strong links to external family though.

Maame Yaa Adepa, a professional caterer who is presently on maternity leave on account of her 5-month-old baby.

Twumwaa – The riotous, disruptive Twumwaa is back with a vengeance. This time, she visits her devious behaviour on her younger brother, Yaw Adepa

Production Year: 2021
Genre: Satirical Drama