Kintampo Falls

On the Pumpum River, a tributary of the Black Volta, in the Brong-Ahafo Region of Ghana, are the Kintampo Falls, a natural waterfall.

There are three primary waterfalls in the waterfall, with the biggest drop being about 27 meters (89 feet).

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Since the falls are surrounded by luxuriant tropical foliage, many nature lovers visit there.

In addition to relaxing on the sandy beach, visitors to Kintampo Falls can swim in the natural pool at the base of the falls.

Several hiking routes in the region also provide breathtaking views of the falls and the surrounding scenery.

Bird enthusiasts frequently travel to the region since it is home to many different bird species, including the rare white-necked rockfowl.

The falls are easily reachable by road and are close to the town of Kintampo.

Well-kept amenities including picnic spots, restrooms, and food stands can be found in the vicinity of the falls.

In Ghana, tourists and locals alike enjoy visiting Kintampo Falls.

It’s the perfect place to spend a day trip or a weekend retreat because it provides a lovely and calming escape from the bustle of city life.

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