Kakum National Park

There is a protected rainforest called Kakum National Park in the Central Region. The 375 square kilometre park is well recognized for its variety of plants and animals, including rare and threatened species including forest elephants, bongo antelopes, and primates like the threatened Diana monkey.

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The canopy walkway at the Kakum National Park, which is 300 meters long and suspended 30 meters above the forest floor, is one of its most prominent features. The boardwalk gives breath-taking views of the surrounding countryside and offers tourists a unique viewpoint on the forest and its people.

The Kakum National Park provides guests a variety of experiences in addition to the canopy walkway. To explore the forest and learn about its flora and fauna, visitors can go on guided nature walks. They can also go on bird watching trips to see some of the park’s over 250 bird species. For tourists who want to spend more time in the forest, the park also has camping areas. There are also a number of hiking paths available for park exploration.

A number of traditional villages can be found in the Kakum National Park, where tourists can learn about local customs and culture. Visitors can engage in activities like traditional cooking, drumming and dance, and textile weaving in these communities, which provide a look into Ghana’s traditional way of life.

The Kakum National Park is a distinctive, biodiverse location that provides tourists with a variety of experiences and pursuits. The park is a must-see location for anybody visiting Ghana because of its magnificent canopy walkway, varied wildlife, and traditional settlements.

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