Jamestown Coffee Warehouse

Funny enough, the Jamestown Coffee Company Warehouse is in Osu, not Jamestown. It merely takes the name from the locale. This restaurant has a distinctive layout inside the limits of a rustic warehouse, and the atmosphere is attractive.

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Food on the menu costs between 20 and 150 GHC, which is a reasonable price range.The James Town Coffee Warehouse functions primarily as a coffee shop turned café and offers a variety of teas, from chamomile to English breakfast.

By selecting their distinctive brew, you may have a unique experience as baristas prepare and cook the coffee beans right there in front of you. With a large open floor layout, the location is designed to be a place for relaxation and unwinding. They provide straightforward fare including salads, burgers, and rice.

The Jamestown Coffee Company Warehouse is a terrific place to unwind, have a delicious cup of coffee, and indulge our creative side.

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