James Town Harbour

The Ghanaian capital Accra’s James Town neighbourhood contains the ancient fishing harbour known as James Town Harbour.

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The harbour, which dates to the colonial era, has long served as a key node for the regional fishing sector.

Visitors to James Town Harbour may watch as local fisherman bring in their catch of the day, fix their boats and nets, and get ready to sell their catch.

The harbour’s humming activity, along with the colourful boats and traditional fishing gear, produces a distinctive and bright ambiance that is both fascinating and visually striking.

The lighthouse, which provides breathtaking views of the area, and the James Fort Prison, which served as a holding facility for enslaved Africans before they were taken over the Atlantic during the transatlantic slave trade, are two more significant sites that can be seen in the harbour.

James Town Harbour’s neighbourhood is well renowned for having a strong cultural past, and there are numerous old buildings, museums, and art galleries there.

Tourists can browse local markets, enjoy regional food, and get to know the hospitable residents.

Ultimately, James Town Port in Accra is a must-see location for everyone curious about Ghana’s history and culture as well as for those seeking to experience the lively ambiance of a traditional fishing harbour.

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