House of Umoja

An exciting Series capturing a group of young urban people from all over Africa and beyond in a students’ hostel – the good, the bad, the ugly!


Imagine a hostel full of women from all over Africa, a very cosmopolitan place but with deep emotional bonds.

Imagine this place called the house of Umoja, now open to male residents.

Imagine a place where beauty and intrigue live side by side, where friendship and rivalry are roommates and where fun, sorrow, intellect, subterfuge and love co-exist.

Set in a plush students’ hostel, this fast paced 30 minute drama series will entertain, educate and will keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

Character Profiles


Chantal: 24 years
Chantal Boigny is blessed with both beauty and brains. A psychology major, she obviously has style and class, as manifested in her fashion sense, poise and manner. Chantal is bilingual, speaking both English and French fluently.

Ewurama:  23 years
Beautiful, bright, with an innocent look, best describes her. Her sexual preferences however makes her life very complex.

Ijeoma: 24 years
A feisty Nigerian lady, never to be put down and full of life. Her Machiavellian mind-set means she will use any means necessary to achieve her objectives.

Akyaa: 24 years
An incurable gossip, her tongue has caused pain and suffering. Full of wit and humour she lights and dims the room at the same time.

Venus Nelson: 22 years 
A stunning beauty, she would win Miss Umoja hands down. Fashionable, endearing and full of good manners, she is too good to be true.


Richmond Acheampong:  22 years
A software development major, his life is all about computers and gadgets. He collects and hides ladies panties. He is also prone to peeping, he sees a lot of things but keeps mute.

James Brown (Aka Kobby): -24 years
An apparent ladies man who has a lot to hide. Is he who he makes out to be?

Fiifi Coleman: – 23 years
A colourful character, who speaks good Queen’s English, is kind and helpful to everybody and holds the moral compass in the house of Umoja. A creative, he has a weird dress sense that makes you wonder.

Mr. Tetteh Quaye: – middle aged
The hostel manager. A married man with four children, he has a wandering lascivious eye, the torment of which many a female at the House of Umoja has felt.

Production Year: 2018
Genre: Satirical Drama