GTA encourages a Ghanaian musician to smash the Guinness World Record

In order to support the Ghanaian musician and entrepreneur who is attempting to shatter the Guinness World Record, the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) has offered to supply a new location as well as logistics.

On December 24 and 27, in Accra, Afua Asantewaa Aduonum will try to shatter the record for the longest singing marathon by an individual.

At the moment, India’s Sunil Waghmare holds the record. Between March 3 and 7, 2012, in Nagpur, he accomplished the accomplishment by playing a wide range of well-known Indian songs four hours without stopping. On the evening of March 7, Waghmare led his followers in a sing-along as the marathon came to an end.

Aduonum wants to surpass Waghmare’s record by singing nonstop for over 117 hours in a marathon. Aduonum is required by law to refrain from performing the same song twice, and each performance must last no more than two minutes. She will need to perform more than 3,200 Ghanaian songs in order to shatter the record and achieve this requirement.

Speaking on Tuesday, December 12, on the Asaase Breakfast Show, Aduonum announced that the event will now take place at Akwaaba Village and that every effort has been made to smash the previous record.

The CEO of the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) became engaged and formally informed us that they were taking over, the speaker stated. “So we officially announced that we are doing this at the Aviation Social Center.”

“They intend to alter the location, arrange all the details, and add an Akwaaba Village at the airport,” they say. They’ve met with [aviation authorities] to come to a mutually agreeable plan to relocate the event to Akwaaba Village in order to accommodate a larger crowd.

The GTA agreed to take over the event this morning, and they are scheduled to formally declare their takeover, according to Aduonam.

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