GTA and partners create a warm December mood

As part of its December in GH events, the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA), in collaboration with the Ghana Exim Bank, Ghana Trade Fair Company, and the Ghana Airports Company Limited, has launched Akwaaba Village, a month-long family-friendly bazaar.

This innovative project aims to provide unforgettable experiences, highlight products made in Ghana, and honour Ghana’s rich cultural legacy via cuisine, art, and music.

In recent years, “December in GH” has gained recognition as one of the greatest months to visit Ghana and take part in the nation’s historic events.

From December 15, 2023, until January 8, 2024, the Akwaaba Village will be held in the vicinity of the Hajj Village, which is situated adjacent to the Airport Roundabout.

This fun-filled event for the whole family hopes to unite people in a joyous atmosphere, promote a feeling of community, and showcase Ghana’s unique culture in terms of art, cuisine, music, and nightlife.

“December is one of the months that travellers from across the world look forward to visiting Ghana in order to take in the country’s rich cultural heritage and friendly people.

“We are pleased to present the Akwaaba Village as the centrepiece of our December celebrations in Ghana 2023. This action is an invitation for families and guests to experience the warmth and hospitality that Ghana is known for, not just a celebration.

“Akwaaba Village is evidence of our dedication to developing deep ties and boosting regional tourism. GTA Chief Executive Officer Akwasi Agyeman remarked, “We invite everyone to join us in making this an unforgettable experience for everyone.”

The Akwaaba Village will have much to offer both Ghanaians and visitors from other countries, young and old, in order to provide unforgettable experiences and promote local tourism attractions and culture.

Highlights to look forward to at Akwaaba Village include cultural exhibits with traditional music and dance, compelling performances that let visitors experience the diversity of Ghana’s rich cultural history. A gastronomic adventure with a variety of regionally-specific Ghanaian delicacies that highlight the flavours and specialities of several areas awaits visitors to Akwaaba Village.

There will be an opportunity to buy one-of-a-kind handmade souvenirs from a showcase of local artisans.

“The cooperative efforts of esteemed partners who share our vision for promoting cultural celebration and local tourism make Akwaaba Village possible.” We would like to express our profound appreciation to Ghana Airports Company Limited, Ghana Trade Fair, and Exim Bank for their steadfast support of tourism and cultural promotion in Ghana. We are sure that Akwaaba Village will provide an immersive experience that highlights the best of Ghana’s cultural history in collaboration with these prestigious partners. Additionally, Mr. Agyeman said.

Cultural enthusiasts and those interested in learning more about Ghana’s rich legacy would find Akwaaba Village to be the ideal location for music workshops, instruction in Ghanaian strategic games, and general education on the country’s rich legacy.

Families, visitors, and the general public are encouraged by the Ghana Tourism Authority to mark their calendars for this exceptional celebration of Ghana’s hospitality and culture.

Call 059 708 4223 or 059 742 3304 if you’re interested in being a vendor at this historic event.

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