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‘Ghana Week in DC’ started by Ghana Tourism Authority

The Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) has launched an outreach program in Accra to promote investment prospects, improve Ghana’s partnerships, and promote its culture. It is referred to as “Ghana Week in DC” and is planned to take place in Washington, DC, in the United States, from October 9–14, 2023.

The goal of the week is to unite Ghanaians and members of the African diaspora while displaying Ghana as a top destination for tourism, business, trade, sports, and culture.

An art show, a Ghana Village setting, a business conference, a return dialogue, and a Capital City Africa Cup game between one of Ghana’s Premier League teams and DC United are among the events planned to commemorate the occasion.

Akwesi Agyeman, the Chief Executive Officer of the GTA, who yesterday inaugurated the event in Accra, stated that the project was a new tourism product anticipated to propel the social and economic development of the nation.

“We have seen a steady growth of arrivals from the US and we want to consolidate those gains.

So we are going to showcase what we have by making it convenient for them and to attract investors to help generate the economy.

So, for us, we are using this also to help in economic regeneration in the country,” he said.

The event, Mr. Agyeman continued, would support previous GTA flagship programs that highlighted Ghana’s tourist attractions, music, cuisine, and customs.

He said that through a series of roadshows, engagements, conversations, and visits, Ghana will be able to form certain strategic alliances with organizations, people, and groups in order to establish Ghana as the center of the Pan African movement.

He said that ongoing community engagements were being planned to promote cooperation along the whole tourism value chain.

The initiative, he continued, will open up access to Ghana’s tourist industry and serve as a vital market for the nation’s entertainment, fashion, and comedy industries.

The Chief Executive Officer of PKB Enterprises, Paxton Baker, whose business is working with the GTA for the event, said the event would expose Ghana as the gateway to Africa and give an opportunity for their narrative to be owned in America in the various things they had to offer.

He continued by saying that the occasion offered Ghana and America a chance to strengthen their bilateral ties and promote the country’s economic self-promotion.

“The exposure of Ghanaian culture in Washington DC in the US, one of the leading countries in the world, is a significant and unique move created by the ministry and other partners,” the official continued.

The initiative, he continued, would be a crucial tool for the Ghanaian economy’s good change and a win-win scenario for investors.

He pleaded with individuals, groups, and other interested parties to take part in the main celebration since it would help Ghana’s culture and various small enterprises.

The football game scheduled as one of the events to cap off “Ghana Week in DC,” according to Jamil Maraby, Marketing Director of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), was a smart move by the GTA.

Expect to see the finest of our own out there battling it out with the best of DC United, he added, adding that the GFA had yet to choose a team to represent the nation.

Football has the ability to draw people in, so include it is a smart idea since it will market Ghana and draw more attention to the project, according to Mr. Maraby.

He praised the GTA for taking the initiative and assured them of the GFA’s full support for the occasion.

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