Ghana Tourism Ministry and GUMA Group sign a $50 million investment deal

The GUMA Group and the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture (MoTAC) have inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on an investment package of $50 million for the construction and redevelopment of specific tourism firms.

In order to guarantee the effective and efficient growth of the tourism industry, the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) offers a roadmap for the cooperation. This includes the planning, starting, constructing, and renovating of several projects under the auspices of the Ghana Tourism growth Company (GTDC).

The parties committed to working together to grow the businesses over the following 24 and 60 months.

The investment includes creating a Cultural Village modeled after South Africa’s Lesedi idea and renovating the tented Shai Hills Resource Reserve into an opulent resort with lodging and a restaurant.

In addition, it would turn Kakum National Park into an eco-lodge, providing visitors with tree top homes, movable tented camps, and picnic spots in addition to overnight lodging at two designated locations (Mfuom and Antwikwao).

GUMA is also planning to open a restaurant that will provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner to visitors.

Two new locations would be established by the Mole National Park to offer hotel and dining options as well as investigate potential new product lines. GUMA would also be in charge of opening and running Ducie Camp’s second gate.

In addition, the investor wants to open duty-free shops in the city and an airport lounge to operate diplomatic duty-free businesses.

Along with improving the arterial roads that connect tourist destinations and products, other concessionaires would work with the investor and the Department of Forestry to repair and manage the light aircraft landing fields near National Parks and Reserves.

In addition to assisting to train Ghana’s human capital resource, the investor would open retail stores at various tourist spots, with the majority of the products offered at such outlets coming from local Ghanaian suppliers.

At the event, Ghana’s Minister of Tourism, Dr. Ibrahim Mohammed Awal, said that the Memorandum of Understanding is a component of the initiatives aimed at reaching two million visitors to the country by 2026.

“The private sector drives tourism, but the government leads it.” Our GUMA Group colleagues are here investing in Ghana for this reason. We stand to gain at least $6 billion from the arrivals. Our goal is to generate 150,000 new employment,” he declared.

Ghana has great potential for tourism and investment, according to Mr. Robert Matana Gumede, Executive Chairman of the GUMA Group of Companies. Ghana is a desirable trade and investment destination.

He said that making an investment in Ghana will pave the way for additional financial outlays in other West African nations.

A global integrated tourism corporation under South African leadership, the GUMA Group welcomes tourists from all over the world.

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