Ghana is regarded by travellers as an extremely pricey vacation

As per the 2023 Ghana Tourism report, a significant proportion of both domestic and foreign tourists—nearly 44 percent—have classified Ghana as an expensive destination, while the remaining tourists regard it as reasonably priced.

Out of this group, 36.13 percent of visitors from the US, UK, Nigeria, and domestic sources thought Ghana was costly, and 7.85 percent of tourists from these countries assessed it as very expensive. In contrast, 15% of respondents claimed that Ghana is less expensive, while 18% rejected the idea that it is pricey.

The study emphasizes that the several taxes and levies levied on visitors present difficulties for Ghana’s tourist industry. With almost 20 different taxes and levies in place—NHIL, VAT, GETfund, and COVID-19 charge, to name a few—the nation has become comparatively more expensive than other comparable travel destinations in the region.

Even though Ghana is the most visited country in West Africa according to Tripadvisor, travel packages and accommodation costs are still very expensive.

Travelers’ accommodation costs account for around 80% of their budgets, with non-star accommodations being particularly costly.

The high cost structure involved in determining hotel rates has drawn criticism from the Ghana Hotels Association, which primarily blames the numerous taxes and levies. These taxes have an effect on pricing policies in the hotel sector as a whole.

Nonetheless, Ghana hopes to increase foreign visitor numbers to almost two million in 2024, up from the 1.1 million reported in the year prior.

The Ghana Tourism Authority asserts that despite difficulties, the nation is still a desirable travel destination, with over 37 foreign airlines using Kotoka International Airport and distinctive travel attractions including castles and forts.

Stakeholders, however, voiced worries about the persistent impression of Ghana as a pricey travel destination and how it would affect the expansion of tourism.

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