a shirtless man playing drums in a dark room


Mother Earth Festival 2024

Aburi Botanical Gardens Aburi, Ghana

EARTH DAY 2024 THEME: PLANET vs. PLASTICS , calls to advocate for widespread awareness on the health risk of plastics, rapidly phase out all single use plastics, urgently push for […]

Cedi Fest

Join us at CEDI FEST - where education meets entertainment to tackle drug addiction head-on! This groundbreaking community initiative brings together beloved artists and informative sessions to empower youth and […]

Kweku Ananse Arts Festival

Tetteh Quarshie Roundabout Accra Mall, Accra, Ghana

The "Kweku Ananse Arts Festival" is a platform for the expression of the desire of a people to rediscover their personality. Also a desire through Arts Cultural expressions and performances […]