a shirtless man playing drums in a dark room



National Theatre, Accra South, Liberia Road, Accra, Ghana

Synopsis If the future is today, why do we sell it for cheap instead of protecting it with our all? What happened to the oath we swore? An oath sealed with the colours of our flag and echoed in the words of our anthem. "Aayalolo" but to what end?


Gajia Dunia

National Theatre, Accra South, Liberia Road, Accra, Ghana

A Dance piece that explores the journey called life and its complexities. Performed by The Ghana Dance Ensemble (National Dance Company).


“Ayiyii” (Dance, Music, Drama)

National Theatre of Ghana South, Liberia Road, Accra

A total theatre performance that uses music, dance, and drama as a vehicle to showcase the unique Ghanaian regional cultures. Performed by The National Drama Company (Abibigromma), National Dance Company (Ghana Dance Ensemble) and National Symphony Orchestra.


A Night of Performances

National Theatre, Accra South, Liberia Road, Accra, Ghana

A night of performances in honour of theatre icon Dr. Mohammed Ben Abdallah, a playwright, an academic and cultural luminary. As Secretary of Culture and Education under the PNDC government Dr. Abdallah's accomplishments included playing a pivotal role in the building of the National Theatre, the conceptualization and establishment of the National Commission on Culture, […]

Kizalsa All White New Year’s Dawn Dance & Breakfast Buffet

HQ Afropolitan Garden #2 Teachers Quarters, Lakeside Estates Drive, Accra, Accra

Transcend into the New Year 2024 with the African rhythms that resonate with your DNA's frequencies! Shada & Shoto in all white fashion to signify and manifest renewal and new beginnings that 2024 holds in store! Enjoy your 1st dance of the year, connect and network till the break of dawn with KIZALSA at HQ […]