“Create international music so you won’t have to ask people to play it.” – Nektunez

Nektunez, a Ghanaian music producer living in the United States, has commented on the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture’s recent “Play Ghana” campaign.

As previously mentioned, on December 14, the Ministry of Information arranged a stakeholder engagement with the objective of obtaining perspectives from innovative participants for the advancement of the #playghana campaign.

In light of the December in Ghana celebrations, musicians including Samini, Black Sherif, and Reggie Rockstone spoke in favor of working together to promote Ghanaian music.

However, the project elicited conflicting responses from industry participants; some commended it, while others disparaged it.

Though he acknowledged that fans are allowed to select the songs they want, Nektunez expressed his opinions about the matter and suggested that such an endeavor might not be possible.

He urged Ghanaian musicians to focus on making music that is popular throughout the world, since this would remove the need to convince listeners and DJs to play songs from Ghana.

“Create music that transcends boundaries on its own. DJs, the media, and fans won’t have to beg for your songs to be played. The days of people in charge of the media are long gone. He stressed on Twitter that people now select what they want to hear as long as it sounds good.

In the meantime, a counter-agenda to outlaw Black Sherif’s songs is being supported by certain Nigerians and music enthusiasts from other nations.

This is due to the fact that the Ghanaian rapper, who is extremely popular in Nigeria, was spotted supporting the #PlayGhana movement with his teammates.

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