Corona Life

A Made-for-web, TV and Radio drama series in Akan, pitting a COVID-19 savvy wife against her recalcitrant husband who contracts the virus.

Imagine the sequence of events which preceded the COVID-19 outbreak. The news emanating from China; the WHO administration; the eventual declaration of a pandemic and the subsequent rapid spread through the world.

Now, come to Ghana and imagine a husband and wife at home, who have been following the impending danger with differing attitudes. The husband remains gung-ho, playing business as usual, whilst the wife follows the smart safety/hygiene and social protocols.

What if the husband contracts the virus due to his undisciplined attitude?

Imagine the message that can be sent across to the populace using this medium:

  • Of hygiene
  • Of social distancing
  • Why wear masks
  • Learning to work from home
  • Business threats and opportunities

The woman admonishes them to plan ahead, to begin looking at the world anew, during and after the pandemic, while her husband remains unyielding and static.


AKUA ASABEA ASEMPA: Akua is a seamstress who owns her own business and has quite a number of apprentices. She is the model wife and homemaker. She comes off a bit bossy and is a stickler for neatness. Especially during this COVID-19 pandemic, she goes above and beyond to make sure her home is the epitome of cleanliness. She loves her husband dearly and wants to keep him alive, going as far as to protect him from himself. She is techno savvy and is always on the internet learning new things. During this pandemic, she will enforce strict protocols a prison warden would applaud. Will she be able to save him from himself?

NANA YAW ASEMPA: Nana Yaw is a mechanic with an extensive clientele. He is a dutiful provider who seeks to make his wife happy. Just that he is not able to keep pace with her COVID-19 wisdom-with his happy-go-lucky disposition. He pretends to go along with her informed and disciplined approach to protecting them from the virus, especially when she institutes self-quarantine and other safety protocols at home, long before the virus hits the shores of the country-what price will he pay?

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