Ghana’s Accra is home to a branch of the well-known Nigerian food brand Buka food. The eatery is situated in the centre of Osu, a bustling district well-known for its nightlife and cultural attractions.

Similar to its Nigerian counterparts, Buka Restaurant in Accra serves a variety of traditional Nigerian cuisine such jollof rice, egusi soup, pounded yam, and various grilled meats. The restaurant is also renowned for its use of top-quality, freshly sourced, locally produced products that are expertly prepared and served by trained chefs.

The atmosphere at Accra’s Buka Restaurant is cosy and welcoming thanks to traditional Nigerian touches like vibrant fabrics and weaved baskets. Additionally, the restaurant has an outside seating space that is ideal for dining al fresco while taking in Osu’s vibrant scene.

In general, Accra’s Buka Restaurant provides a distinctive and genuine eating experience for travellers interested in discovering the cuisine and culture of Nigeria while in Ghana. The restaurant is a must-visit for anyone interested in African cuisine due to its focus on serving up fresh, tasty food and its pleasant atmosphere.

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