Boti Falls

Boti Falls is a stunning waterfall close to the town of Boti in Ghana’s Eastern Region. Because of its breathtaking natural beauty and historical value, it is a well-liked tourist destination.

The Boti River, which forms the waterfall, flows over a sheer cliff face in a stunning display of water and mist.

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Because of the surrounding thick greenery, which includes tall trees, ferns, and mosses, the falls are a well-liked destination for nature enthusiasts.

The fact that Boti Falls is actually two independent waterfalls—the Upper Falls and Lower Falls—is one of its distinctive characteristics. The largest of the two falls, the Upper Falls sees water fall from a height of around 30 meters (98 feet). With water falling from a height of approximately 25 meters, the Lower Falls are less striking yet nonetheless impressive (82 feet).

For the locals, Boti Falls is a significant cultural site as well. According to tradition, the falls are home to the male and female spirits that control the area’s rainfall. Each year, a festival called “Akwasidae” is held at Boti Falls to honor these spirits and seek their blessings for a successful harvest season.

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