Are Nigerians making better Music?

Ghanaian singer M3nsa Ansah has admitted that Nigerian musicians make better music than their Ghanaian counterparts, and he attributes this to the recognition that Nigerian songs receive on a global scale.

This disclosure comes amid a push for local songs to receive at least 70% of airplay in Ghanaian media and at events.

“Ghanaians and Nigerians are undoubtedly producing superior music. I have to admit that because they are spending more money and time on their music, it is unquestionably greater quality.

“A greater appreciation for the value of the arts is growing, but in an entrepreneurial sense as well. Thus, it’s not like we’re waiting on the government to act; rather, it’s just like support, with people spending a lot of money to produce top-notch music,” he said on JoyNews.

While he acknowledged that some artists were taking their work more seriously, he bemoaned the lack of support.

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