Afringi Festival

The Yeji community in Ghana’s Pru District, Bono East Region, celebrates the Afringi Festival as a cultural event. The people of Yeji join together to commemorate this holiday, which is often observed in the months of November or December, and to express thanks to their ancestors.

Drumming, dancing, singing, and storytelling are just a few of the events and activities that happen during the festival. The display of traditional attire and regalia, which are frequently vividly colored and embellished with exquisite designs, also serves to identify the celebration.

The boat racing competition, which takes place on the Volta River, is one of the festival’s highlights. The contest, which showcases power and talent, draws competitors and onlookers from all around the area. Additionally, there is a market day when goods are bought and sold, as well as a durbar of chiefs where the chiefs and citizens of Yeji assemble to honor their traditional leaders.

Overall, the Afringi Festival is a significant cultural event for the people of Yeji and a wonderful chance for tourists to get to know the friendly and welcoming Yeji people while also learning more about their rich cultural past.

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