Adina, EL, R2Bees, and Shatta Wale headline the Taste of Ghana festival

Everything is ready for the fourth Taste of Ghana event, which is being hosted by the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) in association with the Ghana Export Promotion Authority and the Ghana Tourism Authority.

The event this year, with the subject “GH: The Africa Dream,” will take place on December 27 on the State House courtyard.

Taste of Ghana, which highlights the unique and genuine richness of Ghanaian history via music, food, art, and culture, has evolved into the GIPC’s trademark Christmas program.

Notably, the occasion creates a relaxed atmosphere where Ghanaians, those living abroad, and their diaspora can interact and investigate business and investment prospects.

Superstars in the music industry including R2Bees, Adina, EL, and Shatta Wale will be the main attraction at the event, enthralling the crowd with their energetic performances.

The event will also include art displays, dancing performances, a fashion runway, a masquerade procession, and local vendors selling a variety of traditional Ghanaian foods and goods.

Visitors will get a genuine taste of Ghana’s exquisite craftsmanship and variety of flavors through this encounter. The organizers released a statement stating that Taste of Ghana is more than just entertainment.

CEO of the GIPC Yofi Grant said, “It’s an opportunity to connect with potential local business partners, explore investment opportunities, and celebrate the rich Ghanaian heritage.” The goal of this event is to highlight Ghana’s greatest qualities, including its music, culture, gifted artists, entrepreneurs, and economic potential. Thus, we cordially encourage you to come along and personally experience the Africa Dream.

The CEO of the Ghana Tourism Authority, Akwasi Agyemang, emphasized the significance of the occasion in advancing travel to Ghana and drawing in both domestic and foreign tourists.

In order to support the tourist sector, he emphasized the significance of exhibiting Ghana’s varied attractions, including as its breathtaking landscapes, important historical monuments, and thriving arts scene.

Agyemang added that the occasion is in line with the government’s goal of making Ghana a popular travel destination in Africa.

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