Accra Sports Stadium is Sold Out by Stonebwoy

Stonebwoy’s BHIM Concert, which sold out the Accra Sports Stadium to capacity, elevated Ghanaian music to a whole new level.

This confirmed his status as the most influential voice in the current global appreciation of Ghanaian-African music.

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Stonebwoy, better known as 1GAD, captivated a massive crowd at a sports stadium on a night that will surely go down in music history as part of the star-studded 2023 BHIM Festival. In addition to his incredible performance, the festival featured a number of excellent guest artists from the Caribbean.

Following a stellar year in the worldwide music scene in 2023, Stonebwoy marked the beginning of a new era in music that was influenced by the vivid sights and sounds of the African Caribbean. His performance was captivating, showcasing both his musical talent and stage charisma.

With the only light coming from phone lighters strewn throughout the crowd, Accra Sports Stadium went dark, and excitement mounted as the stage’s underlay cracked open to show a rising platform.

Stonebwoy rose from below in a stunning moment, enthralling the crowd with a spectacular entrance that set the tone for an incredible evening. When Stonebwoy was in the spotlight, her lavish attire, which skillfully combined artistic expression with performing flair, wowed the audience.

The ensemble, a brilliant example of the artist’s ingenuity, was instrumental in amplifying the night’s visual extravaganza by reflecting and refracting the bright stage lights.

With an eclectic rendition of “Manodzi,” which features multi-platinum-winning international vocalist Angelique Kidjo, Stonebwoy opened the first of his three sets.

When Stonebwoy went deeper into his set, he performed live versions of songs off his chart-topping body of work “5th Dimension,” including “Life and Money,” “African Systems,” “Forget,” “My Sound,” “More Of You,” “Into The Future,” “Secre Lover,” “Ava Wum Lo,” and more. The crowd became even wilder, loudly singing every lyric in sync and even climbing the stage.

Many of his admirers got up from their seats and started dancing in the aisles when his 2019 hit song “Kpokeke” kicked off his second set. BHIM Concert 2023 marked the first appearances in the nation for this year’s international guest artists, who shared the stage with the forty thousand festival attendees, prior to his closing set, which smoothly flowed into collaborations with a roster of local guest musicians.

This year’s enhanced concert experience took on new dimensions as Jamaican music sensations Jahmiel and 10Tik shared the spotlight, bringing the stage to life with excitement.

With its inventive and gorgeous designs, the stage was a creative blank canvas that immersed the audience in an other realm. The way the lighting effects and stage setups interacted improved the overall aesthetic and produced an enthralling atmosphere that went well with the music.

The coordinated light shows increased the atmosphere and made every second spent on stage unforgettable. Modern sound technology has contributed to the achievement of aural perfection by bringing music to life. Clear audio reverberated around Accra Sports Stadium, enabling the audience to completely lose themselves in the auditory experience.

Stonebwoy revealed later in the program that the well-liked BHIM Concert will expand into a multi-day music and culture event the following year.

Once again proving to be a highlight of the music festival calendar, the concert has established itself as Ghana’s largest-scale and most popular artist-led music festival. The event was founded and has since attracted a large roster of well-known musicians from the Caribbean and Africa, including Busy Signal, Beenie Man, Morgan Heritage, and others.

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