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Abene (Purification) Festival

Annually, the Kwahu people celebrate the Abene Festival, which takes place in the Kwahu East District of Ghana’s Eastern Region.

The four-day celebration typically takes place during the first week of January. It is a celebration at the start of the new year and is said to bring the Kwahu people luck and wealth.

People participate in a range of cultural events throughout the festival, such as drumming, dancing, and parades, while wearing vibrant traditional attire. Additionally, there are talent shows and beauty pageants, as well as sporting events like football and volleyball competitions.

The “akwaaba” procession, which includes the chiefs and queen mothers of the Kwahu traditional territory, is one of the festival’s main attractions. The procession travels through the streets as the participants wave to the crowds while donning their finest gear.

The festival’s display of traditional crafts and artwork is another significant aspect. Showcased items from local artisans include pottery, textiles, and woodcarvings.

The Kwahu people’s Abene Festival is a significant cultural occasion that honours the community’s traditions and heritage. The residents should gather together, exchange their cultures, and deepen their links to the neighbourhood.

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