a shirtless man playing drums in a dark room


SOUNDS & MOVEMENTS- My mother’s last wish

National Theatre, Accra South, Liberia Road, Accra, Ghana

A Dance Theatre In a man's quest to fulfil his mother's dying wish, he is faced with disappointments and confusion as he unveils secrets about himself. Can a confused man accomplish his mother's wish or will life's hurdles eventually subdue a man?

The Cathedral Judas

National Theatre of Ghana South, Liberia Road, Accra

A stage play Synopsis - Prophet Damascus presides over a cathedral. He is so powerful that the devil himself is scared of him, but he has Nicholas under his roof. Nicholas is a Judas because he steals with excellence and flawless tactics. Whereas Prophet Damascus devices ways to change Nicholas, Nicholas devices ways to sell […]



National Theatre, Accra South, Liberia Road, Accra, Ghana

Synopsis If the future is today, why do we sell it for cheap instead of protecting it with our all? What happened to the oath we swore? An oath sealed with the colours of our flag and echoed in the words of our anthem. "Aayalolo" but to what end?


Trans Atlantic Export

Alliance Francaise d'Accra Casely Hayford Road, Airport Residential Area, Accra, Ghana

Trans Atlantic Export is a collection of theatrical experiments highlighting systemic abuse and trauma left to fester through different eras, sharing a common cause; colonialism, in its most patriarchal form. The ridiculous double standards and a simple rooted hatred for femininity in all its expressions, in men, in women, whether it serves all men or […]