Ghana lies in the centre of the world. A country of great historical and global significance. A country blessed with great people, deep culture and abundant resources.

Dubbed the Black Star of Africa, Ghana is acknowledged globally as a safe and significant address. Yet, the full story has not been told.

The many colourful festivals have been mentioned, but not yet fully explored. The warm and welcoming people, the vibrant industry, and the unique communal settings, largely remain untapped for investment and touristic purposes. The abundant beaches, the diverse and exotic wildlife and fauna, great waterfalls and the history-rich castles are still largely undiscovered.

KenteTV’s EFIE NE FIE is a celebration and showcasing of everything Ghanaian and by extension Africa.

It is our hope that EFIE NE FIE engenders the Feel-Good sense of pride, accomplishment, self-confidence and harmony in Ghanaians and a curiosity to find out more about this great nation.


The Plan

The plan is to develop and circulate a wide range of quality and wholesome content, emphasizing the uniqueness and opportunities inherent in Ghana. We intend to broadcast the content online, on TV and on radio.

Initially, we are developing a series of hundred 90 to 120 second promotional videos and audio clips of Ghana. Thereafter, we will graduate to a 30-to-45-minute magazine programme about Ghana, dubbed “TREK Sikaman”.

The online architecture includes this dedicated website, KenteTV. KenteTV features well-researched and detailed narratives on potential investment opportunities, tourism linkages, socio-cultural information and more (still work in progress).

The objective of EFIE NE FIE is to present the side of Ghana and Africa the world needs to see – A land, rich in natural treasures, filled with exciting, accomplished and hospitable people. A place full of potential and warmth.

More importantly we seek to

  • educate viewers on the culture and history of Ghana
  • build national awareness and pride
  • promote Made-in-Ghana brands
  • highlight Ghana’s tourist attractions to promote domestic and international tourism
  • promote investment in Ghana
  • entertain viewers

Funding Strategy

We seek to create a growing community of accomplished and proud Ghanaians and friends of Ghana to help achieve our objectives stated above by donating in cash and kind in the short term.

As mentioned, we have already developed 30 videos and are bearing the cost of the development and hosting of the website.

Going forward, we will be producing additional promo videos and audio clips about Ghana and will be launching an extensive online and social media advertising campaign. We will also be employing a website and social media content management team to keep the website and associated social media platforms up to date.

We invite you to join us on this LOVE GHANA REVOLUTION!

We would be grateful for your contribution.

Payment can be made at …..

Benefits to Contributors

  • A Ghana themed coffee table book (for contributions above GHS 10,000)
  • 60 second personal branding video, stating why you love Ghana – to be featured on TV and online
  • A contributor’s profile on the KenteTV website